1. Amazonite energies is a powerful filter that gives our minds an intuitive edge.
2. Protects against microwaves and electromagnetic pollution from our daily interaction with our cell phones and electronics.
3. A soothing stone, balances feminine and masculine energies, alleviates worries and fear.
4. Helps us maintain optimum health by aligning our physical and etheric body.
5. Amazonite energies help us manifest universal love.

Amazonite is commonly used to help:
1. activate the third eye and intuition
2. opens the heart and throat chakra for loving communication
3. release blockages in the nervous system
4. with osteoporosis, tooth decay and muscle spasms

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1. The Crystal Healing is for information only and is not intended to replace professional medical treatment.
2. Source & Reference Material: The Crystal Bible volume 1, Author: Judy Hall, p 49-p50.
3. To buy Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible, volume 1 click Buy