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What is an I Ching Oracle Reading?

The ancient Chinese were experts in using divination to resolve doubt and confusion, ie to gain clarity on how one’s decision could impact them.

I Ching is an ancient Chinese Divination process done using a combination of the 8 triagrams (see above picture).  Based on universal understanding that change is constant, each line in the 8 triagrams could change based on certain decisions made that produces a combination of 64 primary gua (hexagrams).

3 Coin Oracle Divination

There are many methods of divination.  We will use the 3 Coin Oracle Divination method.  This process involves throwing 3 coins 6 times.  Each throw produces a line.  Once 6 lines are produced, the hexagram is formed.  The Oracle Read will interpret the results for the person seeking divination.

What you will receive within 72 hours :

  • One Question I Ching Reading
  • Personalised reading based on your question

What you need to provide:

Additional information

I Ching

I Ching


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