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Pets & Animal Reiki Healing / 17 May 2021
My dog has had several distant healings with Akasha now, and I have defintely noticed how more at ease my pet is with himself and how much more happier he is. I highly recommended Akasha for her healing abilities.
Distant Reiki Healing / Dec 2020 - Feb 2021
Akasha is a gifted natural Reiki healer. She is very committed and respectful. I have felt the energy deeply in some of our distant sessions. She is perceptive and intuitive and always share valuable insight.
Distant Reiki Healing / 6 Jan 2021
Akasha is an amazing healer. Her observations during the reiki session are absolutely spot on. I highly recommend Akasha for a reiki healing.
Fiona Yuen
Reiki Healing / 9th Nov 2020
I did the healing Reiki, it was amazing experience for the first time. I feel very balanced and great customer service. I am looking forward to do another section. I am so happy! Thank you so much for looking after me. Very grateful!
Crystal Products / 17 Oct 2020
Beautiful tree of life. With Rose Quartz and Adventurine. Looks stunning and well crafted.
Distant Reiki Healing / 10th Oct 2020
First I was bit sceptical about distant healing but it really did worked. I could really feel the energies. It really helped release stuck energies. I took the session for Anxiety & negatives stuck energies which I can feel are releases & still are going (I m saying going because it's only 3 days & everyday there's new experiences of energies which I thought address gone but in reality they were just stuck down inside. 🙏 Thanks for being channel for devine energies for good.🙏
Fizzy Yuen
Crystal Products / Oct 2020
I love all the crystal online!! Fast delivery & great customer services. I love how educated online about the items & always very helpful. I am a huge fan!
Reiki Healing / 11 Sep 2020
I would give 4.5 rating and recommend Akasha to others.  Working with Akasha was very wonderful. My nose had been blocked for more than six months and had been on medication.  After the reiki, the underlying emotional issue was identified and I am able to breathe properly now. I was pretty skeptical at first, but I was proven wrong completely! I would definitely give it a go if I was to experience the whole thing again.
Distant Reiki Healing / 3 Sep 2020
The reiki attunement received was value for money because of the post-session work which is precious in my point of view, the accompaniment before (with email explanations) and after the sessions. I think they are very important points as it is a distant healing. And I loved our discussion via the Visio call, many thanks. Service was very very good, I really appreciated your availability, detailed feedbacks, goodwill. Also I noticed changes in my life. Thank you. I would recommend recommend Akasha Light to others.  
C.C. Li
Reiki Healing, Distant Reiki Healing / 31 Aug 2020
For the people who are still skeptic about Reiki healing, I am one of them too. Those sessions took a long time, but it worked out in the end. My eczema skin condition is getting better, and it was pretty bad and itchy at first despite having seen the doctor. Don't think of it as a waste of time, but think of it as a recuperative session for you, your mind, and your body! If you are looking for a reiki healer, I recommend Akasha Light.